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Why spend your hard-earned booster club dollars when you can have Spirit & Concession items DONATED by your local businesses??  We, at Advertising Solutions, Inc. work with businesses, high schools and colleges nationally to help them to secure fundraising and spirit items for the school booster clubs and other organizations through Sports Sponsorships.

Our mission is to build community support and involvement while continuing to provide the fans, teams and business leaders the BEST sports experience in the area!!  Community Involvement Reaps Major Rewards!!

We custom imprint every item for YOUR school, in YOUR school colors, with YOUR school name and with YOUR School mascot pictured!

Your school group receives the items FREE, totally donated by a business located within your community!  Businesses sponsor schools for many reasons, among them that it gives them the opportunity to advertise to their target market and give back to the community.  Our sponsors realize that without community support, they would not be in business and Community Involvement REAPS Major Rewards!!

The school groups that we represent include Principals, Athletic Directors, Band Directors, Cheerleading Advisors, Booster Club Presidents, Touchdown Clubs Presidents, University Marketing Directors, etc. Every sport and club needs spirit and fundraising help from the Band all the way to Wrestling Team!! 

There is NEVER a contract and we NEVER charge our schools for our services!! 
We DO ask that our schools work with us EXCLUSIVELY on this type of promotion, so as not to confuse anyone!!


 Just give us a call and we will take it from there.  LIKE us on Facebook and see whats going on in our neck of the woods!! 

With, you can rest assured that your group will have the most successful, spirit filled season ever!!

Check out our Item Description Page for the Cool Promos that we offer!! 

Oh Yea, everything is MADE IN THE USA!!!

Top 5 Spirit Items for Football Season

  1. Mini Footballs – There is no denying that fans love to catch mini footballs thrown by the cheerleaders. Or do they just like interacting with the cheerleaders?
  2. Pom Poms – The crowd loves to shake their pom poms and cheer for their team with each great play and score! It’s cool to see a big stadium full of cheering pom poms.
  3. Stadium Seat Cushions – Fans love to keep their back-end off of cold bleachers. I’m not sure what it says when they want to put their butt on their team mascot, but it must be all about comfort.
  4. Thunder Sticks – There is no noise like the deafening boom of thundersticks when being used by hundreds or thousands of fans. These are a relatively new spirit items, but have quickly become a fan favorite.
  5. Megaphones – Whether you will them up with Popcorn, Peanuts or nothing at all, these guys make for a great fundraiser and for cheering on your favorite team.

Now, there are many more spirit items that have been around for years, but these are the five most common items that are used at football games. And my guess is that you will continue to see these items for years to come.

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