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6" soft, pliable, plastic SPIRIT FOOTBALLS have an authentic feel and make great fun for pep rallies and football games! SPIRIT FOOTBALLS come with or without stripes, and the stripe can be customized with a spirit message.
Imprint area: 2¼" x 1¾"

Available football colors: Silver/Gray, Red, Old Gold, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Kelly Green, Black, Dark Green, White, Royal Blue, Maroon.

Available stripe and ink colors: White, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Bright Green, Dark Green, Blue, Purple, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Brown, Gray, Maroon.
4 1/2" soft, pliable, plastic SPIRIT BASKETBALLS, VOLLEYBALLS AND SOCCER BALLS with an authentic feel make great souvenirs to hand out at games.
Imprint area: 2 1/4" x 1 3/4"

Available basketball colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Kelly Green, Royal Blue, Purple, White.

"Get the fans in the game!" The SPIRIT FOOTBALLS, BASKETBALLS, VOLLEYBALLS AND SOCCER BALLS  are an expected crowd-pleaser year after year!
Get the fans all fired up with our version of THUNDER STIX ™! Our BAM BAM THUNDERSTICKS are 24” x 4” and come pre-packaged in pairs with directions and a straw to inflate. Simply insert the straw, inflate and bang them together for an awesome noise!

Imprint Area: 20" x 3¼"

Available colors: Old Gold, Black, Green, Maroon, Navy Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Silver, Yellow, White.
These durable STADIUM CUPS boost your school's spirit, they go home with the user and stay with the fans long after the season is over! Our STADIUM CUPS come in a multitude of sizes with the most popular being the 17 oz. for smaller hands and a large 22 oz.  Both cups feature an extra large imprint area that is great for sports schedules and large logos! Our stadium cups are made of soft plastic and are dishwasher safe.

17 oz. Stadium Cup Imprint Area: 3½" x 9" wrap
22 oz. Stadium Cup Imprint Area: 4" x 9" wrap

Available colors: White, Old Gold, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Teal, Purple, Maroon, Crème, Black, Granite, Silver/Gray, Hot Pink, Hot Green, Hot Yellow.

Stadium Cups make great peanut, candy, popcorn and or beverage holders. Fill with ice and sell with the bottled drinks at the games! Sell them or hand them out as souvenirs!
Our FOAM SPIRIT ITEMS come in many different shapes. The NEW Foam Disc, NEW Golf Ball Holder, NEW Flaming #1 Spirit Hand, NEW Foam Visors, Foam Paws & Claws, #1 Spirit Hands, Tomahawks, NEW Foam Longneck Bottle Holders, Swords, Sabers, Dog Bones, NEW Foam Noodle Stick, NEW Foam Basketball, New Foam Hockey Puck Hat, NEW Foam Footballs and NEW Foam Baseballs, NEW Foam Bottle Cooler and Baseball Bats. All our foam items are made of a durable, lightweight foam construction and can be done in a variety of school colors. Many items come with a two-sided imprint area!

Available colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Purple, Maroon.
Our Unique 3 in 1 insulated can holder, pocket beverage wrap and hot or cold drink holder ALL IN ONE! The Koozies will keep coffee and hot chocolate hot, hold drinks on ice and will insulate 12 oz. cans as a rigid holder or a collapsible pocket holder.

Imprint Area/Wrap: 3" x 8"

22 oz. Stadium Cup Imprint Area: 4" x 9" wrap
Available colors: Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Black, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple and Burgundy.
Our 8" MEGAPHONES are both fun and practical. Imprint your school name and mascot on one side, and your sponsor's name and advertisement on the other! The optional pop-out disk allows the MEGAPHONES to be used as colorful containers. Fill with popcorn, peanuts, candy or other favors!
Imprint area: 4" x 9" wrap

Available colors: White, Old Gold, Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Maroon, Black, Silver/Gray, Hot Pink, Hot Green. Pop-out disc colors: Black or White

The POPCORN MEGAPHONE holds 5 cups of popcorn or peanuts. The MEGAPHONES are a great fund-raiser that can be used over and over. Sell MEGAPHONES with popcorn at the first game and offer refills throughout the season to continue raising funds for your group!
The solid handle POM POM SHAKERS. Our POM POM SHAKERS come with an easy grip handle that features an extra large imprint area for school mascot images and logos.
Handle imprint area: 3 3/8" x 1 3/8"

The COUPON HANDLE POM POM SHAKERS feature a large imprint area and a pop-out disc which can be used as a redeemable coupon for advertisers.

Handle imprint area: 2" x 1 3/8"; Disc: 1 1/8" diameter

Both styles of the POM POM SHAKERS feature 500, 12" long vinyl streamers that flow from the 1 3/4" x 4" white, flat, plastic handle. Streamers can be solid or up to 3 colors mixed.

Streamer colors: Scarlet Red, Cardinal Red, Crimson Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Columbia Blue, Bright Blue, Process Blue, Denver Orange, Tennessee Orange, Texas Orange, Kelly Green, Forest Green, Aqua Green, Bright Gold, Old Gold, Vegas Gold (Tan), Dark Purple, Light Purple, Maroon, Gray, Brown, Teal, Black, White, Neon Pink, Neon Green, Neon Yellow.

Glitter colors: Gold, Silver, Royal Blue, Navy, Red, Orange, Purple, Maroon, Kelly Green, Forest Green, Black and Teal.
POM POM SHAKERS make great giveaway items, as well as fund-raising items for the sports seasons! Fans love to show their team colors with the Spirit POM POM SHAKERS!
We offer 2 different sized SPORTS BOTTLES. Our 32 oz. SQUEEZE BOTTLES that comes with a screw-on cap and an 14" flexi-straw, and our 22 oz. BIKE BOTTLES come equipped with a screw-on push-pull top. Both bottles offer large imprint areas for school mascots and sponsors!
32 oz. Squeeze Bottles
Imprint area: 5¾" X 9 1/8"
Available colors: White, Frosted, Yellow, Red, Royal Blue & Granite
Cap and tip colors: White, Red, Blue & Black

22 oz. Bike Bottles
Imprint area: 3½" x 8"
Available colors: White & Granite
Cap and tip colors: White, Red, Blue & Black

Booster Clubs see big profits when they sell the SPORTS BOTTLES as a fund-raiser at the games. The bottles also can be handed out to the first 100 or so fans as an attendance booster!
Sponsors can support their favorite team while booster clubs can sell and / or cheerleaders can giveaway as a spirit item, these great magnets!

The magnets are 4 x 7, made of a sturdy 25 mil thickness.  They have a high quality laminate finish and are done in your schools colors with your school name, mascot pictured and your team schedule!
Our STADIUM SEAT CUSHIONS feature a 14" x 14", 2" thick, square shaped foam cushion for added comfort! The imprint area is a whopping 11" x 11" on EACH side! The foam cushion is wrapped in a heat sealed, weather resistant vinyl and come in a multitude of school colors. Each side of the STADIUM SEAT CUSHION can be a different vinyl color at no additional cost to your sponsor.

Available colors: Yellow, Royal Blue, Red, Green, Orange, White, Black, Purple, Gray/Silver, Burgundy and Navy Blue.
The STADIUM SEAT CUSHIONS can also be done in a volleyball, basketball, football, or baseball shape. Call for 1-706-595-0025 or 1-888-641-2050 for details.
Create an impressive sea of waving RALLY TOWELS at your sporting events! Our RALLY TOWELS measure 11" x 18". The RALLY TOWELS are made of a cotton/ramie material featuring a terry back with soft fringe, and a velour-like front. They are available in many school colors.

Imprint Area: 10" x 13"

Available colors: White, Vanilla, Silver/Gray, Royal Blue, Yellow Gold, Red, Burgundy, Kelly Green, Navy Blue, Black, Orange, Purple.

Fans love to twirl and wave their RALLY TOWELS to show school spirit. RALLY TOWELS make an excellent fund-raiser and are a quick and easy way to turn filled bleachers into block of proud school colors!
Our 14 oz. TRAVEL MUGS are great for both hot and cold beverages! They feature a double-walled construction to keep beverages well insulated. The 14 oz. TRAVEL MUG also comes with a convenient thumb-slide snap-on lid to help prevent spills! The 14 oz. TRAVEL MUG can be filled with candy or dry packets of cocoa and sold as a fundraiser!

Imprint Area: 2½" x 7½" wrap
Proudly become a walking billboard for your favorite team! Our SPIRIT T-SHIRTS come in color! They aren't your typical white T-SHIRTS with one a 1-color imprint…We can do them in YOUR TEAM COLORS!

The front of the T-SHIRTS will have your team's customized spirit message, and the back of the T-SHIRTS will proudly display your local sponsor(s) advertisement!

Adult Sizes: S - 3XL (call for other sizes)

Available colors: Natural, White, Light Blue, Purple, red, Royal Blue, Ash, Forest Green, Maroon, Daisy Yellow, Sport Grey, Navy Blue, Lime Green, Kelly Green, OSHA Orange, Black.

Custom Team T-shirts make an A-W-E-S-O-M-E souvenir item! They can be sold by booster clubs, or thrown into the stands by the cheer team! Either way, they will display your school spirit and sponsor advertisement long after the season is over.

Available colors: Red, Royal Blue, Black, Yellow, White, Granite.
Foam #1 Spirit Hands™ and our NEW Flaming Finger Foam #1 Hands

The original foam #1 hand with a slit in the bottom so it can be worn as a mitt.  The #1 Spirit Hands come in a number of colors and sizes.
Cowbells Fun Party Noisemaker. Available In Bright Fashionable Colors. Sturdy Metal Body. Choose From Yellow, red, Orange, Blue, Purple, Black, Green & White. Perfect For Many Occasions Such As Parties, Festive Events, And Both School And Adult Promotions.

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